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From the Rector: December 2011


Dear Parishioners of Holy Family Cathedral:

The coming of Advent brings us a new Liturgical Year and a new Roman Missal for our prayer. Last Sunday, the First Sunday of Advent, we introduced the new translation and survived very well I think. No matter how long you practice something like this, the actually praying of it brings sur- prises and unexpected moments. I certainly was caught off guard a few times during the weekend Masses. Actually my bifocals ended up being my biggest problem. Thank you for your great effort in making this as comfortable as possible. In a few weeks we will all be adjusted and flowing as com- fortably as before. Like anything else in life, some of the new approaches I find really very beautiful and some not so much so. All in all however, I do think it is an improvement and certainly a higher form of literature. The Lord be with you.

Advent is also one of our most active seasons. Our annual clothing drive for the needy is one of the most successful ventures of our year. It is a great way to bring the year to a close. If we have found ourselves preoccupied with self and a little narrow in our generosity, this clothing drive gives us a great opportunity to be generous as our God is generous to us.

Christmas will be here before we publish again so I take this opportunity to wish all of you a joyous and holy Christmas Season. As you know by now, I love Christmas and all that it entails. You will notice this year that we will not have the great Christmas trees in the sanctuary. The collections for these last few months simply do not justify their cost.

May you have a Blessed and Holy Advent and truly be prepared to welcome the great and wondrous Incarnate Word of God.

Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier


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