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Catechumens & Candidates Pull it All Together

by the RCIA Ministry team

   On February 19th, at the 10 a.m. Mass, our parish celebrated the Rite of Sending in preparation for the Rite of Election on February 26. The Rite of Sending is our parish members’ official approval of the catechumens and candidates. We accept them, watch them sign the “Book of the Elect” and send them to meet the Bishop. He will accept our approval at the Rite of Election and encourage them to engage in the following weeks of Lent with prayer and deep commitment. All parishes of the diocese have this same process, and each of these groups will meet with the Bishop on either the 26th or on March 4th in the afternoon.

Here is part of the Rite of Sending as it applies to catechumens, the unbaptized:

Reverend Father, these catechumens are beginning their final period of preparation and purification leading to their initiation.

They have found strength in God’s grace and support in our community’s prayers and example. Now they ask that they be recognized for the progress they have made in their spiritual formation and that they receive the assurance of our blessing and prayers as they go forth to the Rite of Election celebrated Sunday afternoon, February 26, 2012 by Bishop Slattery.

This is part of the Rite as it applies to the baptized candidates:

My dear friends, these candidates, already one with us by reason of their baptism in Christ, have asked to be able to participate fully in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. Those who know them have judged them to be sincere in their desire. During the period of their catechetical formation, they have listened to the Word of Christ and endeavored to follow His commands more perfectly; they have shared the company of their Christian brothers and sisters in this community and joined with them in prayer.

And so I announce to all of you here that our community supports these candidates in their desire. Therefore, I ask their sponsors to state their opinion once again, so that all of you may hear….

This section is followed by the celebrant asking the entire congregation to express approval of the candidates.

We have a large group of RCIA “graduates” from previous years who have become foundation members and leaders of our parish and parish organizations. They entered in understanding that the faith is precious and must be lived daily. They know that our church requires its members to be active and involved in its work. Their faith has grown and it continues to inspire all our members to holiness.

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