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Leslie Southerland named new Principal at HFCS

    Holy Family Cathedral School hired current fifth grade teacher Leslie Southerland to fill the role of principal. She taught at our school for three years. Mrs. Southerland is well liked by her students and their parents. She is known for her solid teaching style.
Mrs. Southerland says that she is, “very excited” about opportunity. She promises that “great things that are going to happen” to the school.
Monsignor Gier says, “We are all thrilled to welcome Mrs. Leslie Southerland to the position of Principal. Leslie has been teaching in our school for the last three years and has proven a very apt and competent member of the staff.” Monsignor Gier notes that she worked beyond being a good teacher, supporting the work of the of the administration of the school too.

Jay Luetkemeyer, the present principal, is taking a position at the Catholic school in Yukon, Oklahoma: Saint John Nepomuk. Jay was a popular middle school teacher when he moved to Tulsa. In Mr. Luetkemeyer’s four years at Holy Family, the school has grown in numbers, stability, and in financial security. Jay and his wife welcomed twins to their family. The move to Yukon means moving his children closer to their grandparents.
“Truly these have been a very good four years and Mr. Luetkemeyer leaves us in very good standing. We appreciate all that he has done,” Monsignor Gier says.

Mr. Luetkemeyer will continue in his role until the end of June. Mrs. Southerland will be learning the specifics of her new position this summer. Her official first day is July 1.

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