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News from the Knightstand: August 2012

by Martin Reidy

They say it’s climate warming
Others say its not!
Whichever one is right-
It’s “doggone” hot!

    Deja vu, indeed! Looks like a replay of the summer of 2011 – Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot enough to pull up the drawbridge at the castle Keep and await a cooler clime. All is quiet at the Roundtable though we did manage an informal farewell Saturday morning breakfast for Fr. Van on June 30th following the 8 a.m. Mass. I say informal as it was a stand-up affair held in the big kitchen as the Halpine Room had become a vestry for the many priests attending the Ordination of Fr. Grant, our new parish Associate Pastor, later that Saturday. So, fourteen “Saturday Morning Saints” – those who attend the 8 a.m. Mass in the Chapel – feasted on sausage rolls provided by the Council, and various baked delicacies á la Helga to provide an appreciative sendoff for Fr. Van to his new assignment. Accompanying him on his trip were two gifts: an oriental conical peasant hat to shade him while “working in the vineyard of the Lord,” and an oriental parasol for promenading on Sundays and such days. Another highlight to our little soiree was a visit by Archbishop Beltran who, having already had breakfast, chatted with one and all to culminate the festivities.

The Council also sponsored a summer concert by Daniel Kleefeld on June 24th in the Cathedral but our labors were minimal as the musicians did all the work. However, a tip of the chapeau does go to Ed Owen and Paul Louderback who provided the leg work on the project and sundry others who helped hawk the tickets.

Sadly, we also bade farewell to a fellow Knight and stalwart of the parish – Joe Waszut – who died on the 3rd of July and whose funeral was held in the Cathedral on July 9th with numerous Knights, friends, acquaintances, and a 4th Degree Honor Guard in attendance. And so we say, “Requiescat in pace” to Joe and wish for him an uninterrupted trip to Heaven!

The Council monthly dinner at the Day Center For The Homeless continues as usual – heat or not heat the folks gotta eat! Coming up in the heat of the month is our annual clergy dinner honoring same in Heiring Hall on the 14th by the Council Knights and family members following the Vigil Mass of the Assumption. Then it‘s back to fishing in the moat until Pancake season begins in September. Since I like to eat fish but not to catch it while others tried their luck in the moat I curled up in a cool redoubt of the Keep with a jug of iced tea and a good book – “The World Of Saint Paul” by Joseph M. Callewaert from lgnatius Press. A small reading of 200 pages easily read in an afternoon or two for under $15.00 it relates the peripatetic trekkings of St. Paul from Damascus (conversion) to Rome (death) with an introductory chapter on his youth in the milieu of Jewish tradition of that era. Should you run out and buy the book be sure to have on a good pair of walking shoes as Paul takes one through the noted cities of his classical world in all their glory and excitement as well as their idolatry and depravity. You may well understand why he is reputed to say that he threw himself into a thorn bush to overcome temptation as you travel with him through Cyprus, Attaleia, Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, Philippi, Thessalonica, Berorea, Athens, Corinth to name but a few of his destinations.

Finally, a word must be said of the now-famous Higgs boson only because it has been described as the God particle in that it is the “glue” or means by which God wrapped all the electrons, neutrons, and protons together to create matter – including you and me. Now, I won’t begin to feign that I understand a boson but if those more enlightened than I are correct I must say that it appears that we are all just “boson buddies” under the skin! PAX!

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