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From the Rector: September 2012

Dear People of Holy Family,

By now you may have heard that our sacristy was vandalized on Saturday evening, August 25th. Luckily nothing was taken from the building and the tabernacle was not violated in anyway.  The cabinets in the sacristy were emptied on the floor; the wine was consumed; the water and juice in the refrigerator was drunk; and the ciboria and chalices were stacked into the collection baskets but not taken from the building. Vestments were thrown on the floor and a general mess was about the place. No permanent damage was done.

As Father Grant announced at Mass Sunday, we must pray for this poor soul who came into our place of worship and worked his chaos. Bishop Slattery has asked us to pray the rosary in reparation for this event. Bishop Slattery has asked me to lead a public recitation of the Rosary in the Cathedral in the evening of Friday , September 14, the Feast to the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. He is also asking the people of the diocese to join us in this public act of reparation.

Editor’s Note: The Rosary will be at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14.

    This vandalism happened just two days after we had refinished the floors in the sacristy. We have removed the very old indoor-outdoor carpeting and found again the beautiful hardwood floors. The finish on the floors had not finally cured before this happened.  Again no permanent harm was done.

Once again I can hear our beloved Msgr. Halpine calling out, “Lock the doors, lock the doors, lock the doors!”

Again I would like to thank you for your generous response to our need to increase the Sunday collections. If we can continue on the present path all will be well.

Sincerely in the Holy Family,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier

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