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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus » Notes from the Knightstand: K of C in September 2012

Notes from the Knightstand: K of C in September 2012

by Martin Reidy

Prayed to God for rain or shower
and a cool front so to please!
Nell, the rain came for an hour
and we enjoyed a northern breeze!

I thanked God for what He sent
and prayed we needed more:
“Oh, God! would You please relent
and let the heavens pour”!

Well, we did have a few “teaser” showers as of this writing – but not enough to refill the moat – though the few days of cool, cool mornings and not quite so hot days were and are a Godsend! when Tulsa makes the national news as the hottest place in the continental U.S. you just know that it is HOT! HOT! HOT! The Annual Council Priest Appreciation Dinner on the 14th was a resounding success with sixty some attendees – Knights with kith and kin included – in Heiring Hall. Everyone feasted on ribs and beans and salad greens to their hearts — and stomachs – content. The Council prefers an earlier date in the month but to accommodate our new Assistant Pastor, Fr. John Grant, who took a well deserved week off prior to hitting the aisles of the Cathedral, we opted for a later date rather than none at all.

As usual it would not be a Knights of Columbus shindig without a door prize or two and this year we had three to stir up the crowd. Tim Healey, a/k/a/ Timmy, won the TreeHaus Hood Shoppe 75 Piece Castle Blocks from which he can now construct his own castle; Turning the table on the cook Helga Gorman won the dinner gift card for On The Border, For the uninitiated Helga is the parish “Everywoman” and that includes any activity that involves a stove, oven, and pots and pans. (You haven’t lived until you have tasted her scalloped potatos!) The auto glove compartment kit comprised of a pen light, tire pressure gauge, and a ball point pen was won by a lady whom I am not acquainted. Honorariums went to Monsignor Gier and Father Grant in thanks for their respective current and anticipated cares and concerns for the souls and salvation of the parish flock.

Thus it is that we wrapped up the month of August but we hit the drawbridge running on the 1st. of September loaded with the larder for our monthly dinner for the denizens of the Day Center for the Homeless. As it happens that is/was also Labor Day weekend so the Council is grateful to those who donated part of their holiday for the “tears of Christ”. Others were busily occupied dusting off the grill for “Jim’s Gems” on the 16th — pancakes and sausage. Jim Gray and his understudies will be firing up the grill for you and yours so come on down and have breakfast in Heiring Hall on the 16th!

So, as the lazy days of summer fade into the breezy days of Fall we wish well to one and all – and come see us on Pancake Sunday! Pax!

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