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RCIA Sponsors are Christian Companions

by the RCIA Ministry Team
photo: Cathy Nelson

Each person who is a candidate for full communion has a sponsor who travels the path with him and provides an example of being Catholic.  For those inquirers who will be baptized, their support sponsor is called a Godparent, serving the same purpose, but with a lifelong commitment. However, both sponsors and Godparents often become lifelong friends with the inquirers.

These sponsors get to know their candidates, and become witnesses to the candidates’ moral character, faith and intention. They stand with their candidates at the Rites, providing support and introduction to the community.

Sponsors are representatives of the Christian community, as they pray, worship and socialize in the parish. They also do apostolic work of justice and service. As a veteran of walking the pathway of being Catholic, the experience of their own journey serves to complement a candidate’s faith experience.

Sponsor Qualities:

  • Has a willingness to share faith, love, commitment and relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Knows the importance of having an active prayer life and is sensitive to many different ways of praying.
  • Is welcoming and hospitable, an available, kind and active listener, empathetic and compassionate. He is trustworthy enough to keep private matters confidential.
  • Keeps informed not only about parish life, but also what is happening in RCIA, the various events and liturgical rites, especially during Lenten season.
  • Willing to challenge your candidate.  For example, if the candidate has a lack of commitment in attendance at Mass or RCIA sessions, the sponsor would kindly ask about the situation and consult the initiation coordinator or pastor.

As a parish sponsor, you share in the mission of Jesus Christ. You are helping to bring others into communion with our loving God. Many of our inquirers have a friend who has been involved in their lives and qualifies as a sponsor, but several will need to have one or our parishioners volunteer to be that guide along the spiritual journey. If you think you might be a good match for this work, please contact the sponsor coordinator Katie Sikorski, or 918-408-6347.

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