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RCIA: The First Transition: The Rite of Acceptance

by the RCIA Ministry Team

    The Inquirers in RCIA reached their first official conversion milestone, the Rite of Acceptance, at the Feast of Christ the King on November 25. This was the moment the unbaptized chose to become Catechumens. Those already baptized in other ecclesial communities became Candidates. They each had a sponsor who verified their interest in the Church. The entire congregation encouraged them to pursue further study into the Catholic faith. The sponsors placed a simple corded wooden cross around each inquirer’s neck as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for all of us. At this point they became members of our community – although they are not in full communion with us. They cannot receive the Eucharist but they do have many other rights as members, such as being married or buried in the Church. They will continue their study of our faith as they seek to become fully in union with us at the Easter Vigil next spring.

They have learned many of the basic tenets and structure of the Catholic Church, including embracing both Scripture and Tradition. This Tradition is consistent with what the apostles taught during those early years of the Church. While the Bible holds much of what God has revealed to us, Jesus taught his followers many things that are not recorded there, and showed them how to worship and continue the faith. The classes on Church History revealed how much of this was finally written down and authenticated by Church fathers and the application of these early forms continue to be used by the current Church leaders to maintain consistent, true beliefs.

There is still time for new inquirers to join this year’s inquiry sessions. The regular schedule continues on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. in the Halpine Room. A calendar of topics is available on the Holy Family website, along with many other useful items related to RCIA. For those entering at these later times, we have DVD recordings of the topics to ensure they are not left out of the presentations. These provide the lesson, but attending the actual sessions brings a much fuller understanding of each topic.

After the Rite of Acceptance, we begin reserving several rows each Sunday at the 10:00 Mass for these catechumens and candidates so they get an opportunity to clearly view the Mass, and are visible to the congregation who became their church family. The folks filling those pews are not the entire group, as many attend other Masses. Be sure to welcome them into our family and encourage them in their studies.

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  1. Cynthia Conwell Padgett says:

    Congratulations to the RCIA class. I had the amazing privilege and blessing to be part of RCIA at St. Mary’s in 2005 and was baptized in April 2006. Welcome to your new life and to the many blessings you are destined to receive!

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