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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus » Notes from the Knightstand: February 2013

Notes from the Knightstand: February 2013

by Martin Reidy

Now there comes upon us
another chance to dream
that all your hopes and promises
will happen as foreseen!

So we wish you well
and hope they all come true
as we say, “Happy New Year!”
to each and everyone of you.


WELCOME TO 2013! Traditionally, a multi-storied building had no “13th floor” designation to avoid bad luck associated therein as was the a “fir tree topping” was done for the favor of the gods but those myths and legends are for another time, another column, Rather, like Janus – that double faced Roman god of doors, entries, exits, and Porter of Heaven (he released the sun each morning and locked it away at night as he alone possessed the key to the gate of heaven!) let us glance back into 2012 and forward into 2013 to muse what has happened and what we hope will occur. So, let us review our accomplishments, gratitude, and mea culpas!

The Council was able to continue in supporting many of our charitable undertakings – church, school, and civic programs of various depth and variety – due to the success of the parish garage sale, your patronage of our monthly pancake breakfast, & Mardi Gras to hit the highlights, our “passthrough” projects — UltraSound, Turkey Drive, and, most importantly, your most generous contributions to our Homeless Monthly Dinner Project by which $3,164.00 was collected as a result of our appeal to you for your financial assistance in its continuance.

It is hoped that, along with the Council’s contribution of $500.00 our Homeless program is on sound footing for the next two years! Our gratitude is extended to all of those individuals who contributed so generously to this feeding project with their additional contributions of goods and services. The Council’s List of Angels (& I hope that I do NOT overlook anyone!) include first and foremost Rebecca and (daughter) Mary Grace Thompson for their unstinting monthly assistance in preparation and serving food at the Day Center, Beth Henry, Catherine Caldwell/Caves, Jean Caldwell, Ann Owen, Kathleen Davis, Ann Sellars, Vivki Buckendorf, and (of course!)Helga Gorman for the pumpkin pies served at our December “Blowout” dinner celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas! We want to especially thank Ethel Brooks, Colleen & Mayo Brooks, Gloria Bennet, Kali Hayden, The Thierrys – Sharon, Johnny, Johnny II, & Johnny III who brought forth the six pans of dressing, several of mashed potatoes, and a cauldron of gravy for the same holiday feast. Our January dinner is always Turkey Stew prepared by Edna Hawkins with assistance from her granddaughter Shae, her nephew Raymond Dean, who along with his wife, Theresa who drive up from Okmulgee just for this occasion. Dessert was cookies bagged by the students at Holy Family School, while the Council provided the dinner rolls, beverage, and milk for Sunday breakfast. So it is to these extraordinary “saints” that we in all humility give a tip of the chapeau in recognition of all that they have done and continue to do without reservation or hesitation. were there one or more of you that deserve recognition and I have not noted you ;thusly know that you are so noted by Christ who said, “What ever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for Me!”

Up and coming for 2013 is more of the same: Sausage and pancakes every third Sunday (with exceptions and a summer break), Mardi Gras in February and Garage Sale through March in co-operation with the H.F. Women’s Club, “Sagebrush Saturday” in March at Clear Creek Monastery, KC Convention in April, Altar Server Award(s) in May, Priest Dinner in August, perhaps a Spring/Fall Festival, Turkey Drive in November, and without saying – the monthly dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless – and whatever Monsignor Gier comes up with in between!

Finally, I sadly report with a sigh and a tear in the eye that as 2012 came to a close so did our annual Christmas bash with a farewell dinner at Ludiger’s with Scott McQuade at the keyboard and some fifty Knights and guests in attendance. A fun-filled occasion for some fifteen to twenty years all things must come to an end as Time marches on – meaning that we are all becoming a older – not in spirit, not of heart, but of muscle and bone! What the Council will do for festivities is yet to be known but as the late Patti Page sang so many times: “Que Será Será!” May you have a Blessed New Year and may God be with you throughout your days! PAX!

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