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RCIA: Studying in Earnest

by the RCIA Ministry Team

RCIA inquirers were recognized and blessed in the Rite of Acceptance at the 10 a.m. Mass on the Feast of Christ the King.  Our RCIA group is now part of our congregation. Catechumens still need the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Candidates have been baptized, so need Confirmation and the Eucharist to complete full union with the Catholic Church. The enthusiasm and dedication they show is an inspiration to we who assist the RCIA process.

Our first potluck dinner was on 12/19, providing a wonderful opportunity to build community in our parish. Many are looking for was to get involved with the needs of the church and find plenty of opportunities to serve as we get together and talk over a meal. Father Grant and Deacon Jerry and Tom helped the group pray the Liturgy of the Hours evening prayer. It was a lovely way to prepare for our excellent dinner.

We reserve several rows each Sunday at the 10:00 Mass for these catechumens, candidates, their families and sponsors. They have the opportunity to ask questions as they get a clear view of what happens at Mass. Seeing the differences in the way the Mass is celebrated by our Bishop and our other celebrants helps them understand what is essential to it.

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