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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus » Notes from the Knighstand: February 2013

Notes from the Knighstand: February 2013

by Martin Reidy


For now comes upon us
the cleansing weeks of Lent
a time for errant souls
of their sins be spent.

These forty days to ponder
our redemption from our loss
by the trials of Christ
Who died upon the cross!

So don sackcloth and ashes
or what you always wear.
Reflect upon your sorrow
and turn to Christ in prayer!

knights of columbus logo    Hardly are we done with the joy of Christmas when we enter the somber season of Lent come Ash Wednesday with its ominous warning: “Remember, man, thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return!” These words had little import on me as a child for Lent meant little more than no more double feature on Saturday afternoons (mother’s idea-not mine!) for six weeks – seemingly a lifetime – and the family rosary every night. A penance on top of a penance! Death was simply an inconceivable event that happened to old people – some of whom I was aware but had no reason to know. Though I served as an altar boy at a few funerals these were just a chance to get out of class for an hour. Death was simply a foreign event that may happen so far into the future that it may be possible to avoid it altogether. So, as the youth becomes the man the dictum becomes a prophecy!

Today I can hardly read the obituaries without recognizing a familiar name and in the wisdom of old age I have come to the realization that death cannot be avoided. Death is forever lingering in the shadows whispering ever so softly that paraphrase, “Remember, you are but a grain of sand in the hourglass of Time!” So it is that I come to this Lenten season with a renewed sense of appreciation and when I contemplate for what I must answer, and wish to God that I had done many things differently, skipping the movies and saying the rosary for six weeks does not appear to be the penance it seemingly was at one time. Oh, that life could be so simple as to absolve our faults and sins with a prayer said and movie delayed! However, God, in the wisdom that is God, recognized that Lent would weigh heavily upon us so He gave us Mardi Gras for an evening of joy and elation before our coming trial of contemplation. The Council, in conjunction with the HFWC, is sponsoring an evening of merriment on Saturday, February 9th in Heiring Hall. Last year was our first time out for this event and it had, to be sure, a few hits and misses. However, we learn from our mistakes (we hope,-praise God!) and it is our further hope that you will join us for an evening of levity. Tickets are $25.00/couple – about the cost of a movie with popcorn!

Homeless dinner report:
We report to you that our December Homeless dinner at the Day Center had a cost of $289.15, or about $2.41/person. However, recall the January Newsletter where at our many volunteers – our “hovering angels” so to speak — donated approximately $300.00 worth of food in the pies, dressing, potatoes served along with the purchased items. It is only with their unstinting assistance do» we feel that we can continue the feeding program without resorting to our “beggar’s cup” at the door of the Cathedral. Also, and I realize that there were individuals who went the extra “mile” in organizing the various donations there was not room in the January Newsletter to specifically thank Sharon Thierry who organized the potato dressing, and gravy brigade and her husband, Johnny, for his help and patience. This accolade by no means takes away the thanks we owe to all of these volunteers who gave their all! We also extend a tip of the chapeau to the various classes at Holy Family School who take monthly turns in bagging the cookies for the dessert.

A final note: it is my understanding that a Lenten meal will be offered in Heiring Hall on Fridays before the Stations of the Cross. You may not find lobster bisque on the menu but it will be filling, nourishing, and CHEAP!


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