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The Rector’s Report: February 2013

Dear People of Holy Family,

At the beginning of the Mass on Ash Wednesday, you will hear me pray,

“Grant, O Lord, that we may begin with holy fasting this campaign of Christian service.”

Lent is our great campaign of Christian service when we evaluate how well we serve God. We fast, we abstain, we give up those things that distract us from becoming the best servants of God we can be.

We plan too. We plan where and when we will go to church to receive our ashes. We make plans to obey Monsignor Halpine’s command to “Go to Confession!” We plan our personal or family schedule for Holy Week and for Easter.

As your pastor, I pray that your planning goes well. May your Lent be spiritually productive. May you be open to God’s loving action as He reaches into your heart and perfects you.

Holy Family Exterior  015    I am making plans too: both for my own observation of Lent and for a much more public and ambition series of events. In April of 2014, our beloved Cathedral Church will be 100 years old. I have assembled a Centennial Committee to determine the best way for our parish to observe this milestone.

Since all of the Centennial Committee members are good Catholics, they told me, “Oh, Monsignor, our Cathedral deserves better that one tiny event. We must celebrate for a whole year.”

Father John Grant and I took the Committee’s recommendations to Bishop Slattery. He approved a year of celebrations beginning in April of 2013 and leading up to the 100th Anniversary of Holy Family’s dedication Mass in April of 2014.

It is too early to list all of the events we are planning. Please be aware of this Centennial and pray that it – like Lent – will bring us all closer to God.

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