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Haec Est Domus Domini: Celebrating One Hundred Years

small Decication of Holy Family Church April 1 1914    We, as a parish, are opening a year in celebration of our own history. Our beloved Cathedral celebrates its 99th birthday on April 1, 2013. One hundred years ago this square block between 8th and 9th, Boulder and Cheyenne was being prepared for the foundations of the parish church that was to become Holy Family Cathedral. Horses and mules pulled the dirt from this square block in the wagons of parishioners to prepare the ground for the foundations of the new church. The parishioners themselves shoveled the dirt onto their wagons. Our foundations are set in the love and dedication of a very strong and faithful people who erected a Domus Domine, a House of the Lord.

April 1, 2013 falls on the Monday after Easter and therefore during the Octave of Easter. We have chosen to open our Year of Celebration on the Sunday following Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday. We will open the year in a very special way with the celebration of a Solemn High Mass in the traditional manner. We will celebrate this Mass in the same manner as it would have been celebrated in 1913. Mass is at 10:00 a.m. We therefore open our year of celebration acknowledging our great history as well as the history of the Church. The Mass will be followed with a reception in the “basement of the Church” which has become known as the Monsignor Heiring Auditorium.

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier, Rector

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