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Holy Family Cathedral » Lent » Third Friday of Lent: Deacon Jerry Mattox

Third Friday of Lent: Deacon Jerry Mattox

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of Lenten reflections by the clergy of the Cathedral. Each deacon and priest will submit a reflection on a Friday of Lent. This is a short reflection, courtesy of Deacon Jerry Mattox.


Say nothing harmful, small or great;

be not a foe instead of a friend;

A bad name and disgrace will you acquire:

“That for the evil man with double tongue!”

Sirach 6:1

WhDeacon Jerry Mattox 002at we say defines us. We must say things that support and build up.

So concentrate, think before you speak, and remember – what we say, the examples we set – can often influence (they have free will) others to either sin or do a virtuous act.

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