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Notes from the Knightstand: April 2013

by Martin Reidy

He came from Buenos Aires
to cast his holy vote
little did he know
he was to be our Pope!

We wish him well and blessings
for with what he must cope
as to this man called Francis
we bring our yearning hope!

They say he rides the bus
and cooks his daily fare
eschews the cross of gold
for one of Christ laid bare!
At first he is a puzzle-
so much like our Christ
and as you recall
He also paid a price!

For humility is a virtue
that the world does not accept
we pray that he will not change
as he’s as good as we can get!

The news of the moment is that, We have a Pope! –  and what a Pope! He is possessed of so many fresh qualities that it is difficult to say which first is first! So, I will leave to the readers of this tome to decide and categorize their own respective list. We, for our part in the Council, in all humility say, “Welcome, Francis! May God be with you in His mission!”

On a somewhat ironic note it was noticed in a recent publication at the time of this writing that an accompanying article page-wise to extolling Francis I was one indicating that physicists have indeed found the elusive “God particle” – the Higgs bosun. Perhaps
the “God particle” has been found in more ways than one!

It is our hope that you had or a Happy and Blessed Easter!


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