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RCIA: Ceremony of Light at the Easter Vigil = New Life

by the RCIA Ministry Team

IMGP8245   Another successful RCIA process has now created neophytes, “new branches,” who will grow in faith with the rest of the congregation in our parish. Those who were to be baptized sat in the front pews while all the others in the congregation gathered outside the entrance of the church around the new Easter candle as it was blessed and lit from the new fire. Then all processed in, each lighting his/her candle from the new Easter flame. The unbaptized, sitting in the dark, watched in awe as these flames multiplied and filled the Cathedral. After the dramatic readings of God’s communication to mankind, their turn came to be washed in the newly-blessed baptismal water, don white garments and receive their personal Easter candle.

During this time before Easter, many of the Elect had been attending the 10:00 Mass, sitting in the reserved section in front. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays they were prayed over in the Scrutinies. After these sessions, they received frameable prints of the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed. It was a busy time those last few weeks as we gathered baptismal records, had individual interviews and confirmed data on the official records. The samples shown here are certificates the new Catholics receive, and all this information becomes official records in the church, available to access for future sacraments.

Please join us in celebrating our newest Catholic family members. Be sure to invite them to join in parish activities and help them feel at home in our parish.

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