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The Rector’s Report: Summer 2013

Dear People of Holy Family Cathedral:

At the recent meeting of your Parish Council, May 21, 2013, the discussion was reached to move ahead with the next step in the restoration of the Cathedral. While this phase will never be seen, it will be felt. As you may know the Cathedral has never been insulated. I guess with gas prices what they were in 1914 this just was not a consideration. However it has always been my hope to insulate the building for the sake of our comfort as well as putting some control on the heating and air-conditioning bills. After a thorough investigation of this matter the Council has recommended going ahead with this project.

You will be happy to know that with a very generous gift from one of our parishioners we will be able to meet the cost. Your consistent and generous giving to the Building the Future Envelope each month combined with this gift will meet the cost. The total cost of the project will be right at $97,000. $80,000 of that will come from the Building the Future Envelopes. It is our hope to complete this project by the end of this summer.

You will remember last May I had to ask for an increase in the weekly envelopes. Once again you have been very cooperative in that process. I would once again ask that you be ever so diligent in your gifts especially during the summer months. We may not like paying the air-conditioning bill but it is really very necessary. Thank you once again for your continued and wonderful cooperation. Have a very happy and rewarding summer!

Peace and Blessings,

Monsignor Gregory A. Gier

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