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Holy Family Cathedral » Events » Black Legends: The Church, Copernicus and Galileo

Black Legends: The Church, Copernicus and Galileo

The fourth part of the Black Legends series is December 10 at 7:00 in the Cathedral’s Heiring Auditorium.

Preview of “Black Legends Parishes”

Catholics always seem to be apologizing.
Has the Church really been all that bad?

Explore the facts behind the legends of Catholic history.—facts which are sometimes shocking, often surprising, sometimes even inspiring. Learn what they should have taught you in school but didn’t.

Expect to get mad.
Expect to get informed.
Bring your anti-Catholic friends.
Expect them to get mad—and informed—too.

This is not just history. Learn what the Church actually teaches about war, religious toleration, science versus Scripture, etc.

Questions, comments and arguments welcome.

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