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Notes from the Knightstand: December 2013

by Martin Reidy


I sat down to eat my turkey
This late Thanksgiving Day
When I heard upon the roof
Dear old Santa’s sleigh!

I rushed outside to tell him
(In a manner quite abrupt)
“Christmas is a month away –
You have your dates mixed up!”

But with a wistful smile
Santa said : “Alas!
The December days of Christmas
Are in the distant past!

“Christmas now comes early-
Just after Halloween!
Thanksgiving’s now an afterthought
Squeezed midway in between!”

Indeed, he may be right –
And Thanksgiving may be lost!
Such is sad to contemplate
And at such a dreadful cost!

A few days before Halloween I was shopping in a local chain when I noticed the manager putting up the displays and goods of Christmas. Having a customer’s acquaintance with the manager I humorously inquired. “What happened to Thanksgiving?” to which she replied somewhat resigned to her duty, “There is no money in Thanksgiving.” Sad but true. Sadder still is that the meaning of Christmas- the Christ Mass Day – has become so commercialized that we have effectively lost the season of Thanksgiving and, in doing so, lost the meaning of Christmas.

Monsignor Wells continues to pop up here and there as a result of his recent Vatican appointments. The latest is in a photo of Pope Francis, Monsignor Wells, and the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, in the most recent issue of Columbia Magazine, the official organ of the Knights of Columbus. The occasion for the photo was the presentation of a check in the amount of 1.6 million dollars to the Pope for those charities of the Pope’s selection by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus – a fund to which this Council contributes. More so, the photo caption mentions that Msgr. Wells is a member of the Holy Family Council #10388 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We, as a Council, are naturally proud of this notoriety if I may call it that and that our humility inadvertently aspires us to greatness! However, and lest we forget: Sic transit Gloria!

Indeed! The Christmas season is upon us and we are most cognizant of its importance! We remember those who have less, much less, at the monthly dinner we serve at the Day Center for the Homeless as December’s dinner is both a Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration combined and is possible because of the generosity of those of you who donated to our monetary drive last year. The dinner is a feast comprised of turkey breast, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, rolls, beverage, and pumpkin pie! We take this opportunity to thank those ladies of the Holy Family Women’s Club who donated the pumpkin pies for the occasion and especially Helga Gorman who ran the interference for us in this regard. Danke, Helga! We also say a most gracious Thank You to the donor who recently gave us $1,000 for our homeless dinner project but wished to remain anonymous but to God. This donation will, God willing, allow us to continue with this project for two, perhaps three years before appearing once again before you as a congregation with hat in hand! We have not forgotten our pledge to present to you an accounting of the project which will appear (I hope) in the January, 2014 issue of the CNL.

Our final Sunday pancake breakfast of 2013 will occur on the 15th. It is our hope that you will join us as it is by such means that we finance our various eleemosynary activities-one of which is coming up on Christmas Day at the 8 a.m. Mass when the angelic sounds of the violin will be wafting through the pews and columns of the Cathedral. So –come to the 8 a.m. Mass for a rare treat on Christmas morning! Seating is readily available! Now, in case you donated a turkey or coin to purchase same for our recent turkey drive and missed our “Thanks!” to you a Mass was or will be read for you (I believe and as the case may) be on Sunday, Nov. 30th. And now may we say to one and all that as Christ came into the world these many centuries ago may He come into your hearts and home this Christmas Season, that your Christmas be a merry one and you New Year be a happy and prosperous one! PAX!

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