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The Rector’s Report: January 2014

Dear parishioners of Holy Family Cathedral,

First may I wish you a very blessed and happy New Year. The year has begun with great celebration of our Bishop’s Twentieth Anniversary of Ordination to the Episcopate. Our Women’s Club provided wonderful and tasty receptions following both the 10:00 and Noon Masses on the Feast of the Epiphany. In spite of the very cold weather the whole day, Mass and receptions, was most warm and welcoming. The choir provided a truly beautiful performance of Omnes de Saba Venient by Joseph Eybler. We had hoped for a presentation from the Home School children’s choir but the weather prevented their presence. Our gift to the Bishop as our pastor was a Russian Icon dating from about 1909. The Icon shows the Blessed Virgin holding a scroll praying for the redeeming act of her Son to be effective in our lives. The Bishop has promised to  place the Icon in his chapel. So thanks to all who made the day complete, the choir, the servers, the Women’s Club, the Centennial Committee and the parish at large. It was truly a great celebration of the Bishop’s twenty years of fidelity to us as his Cathedral parish.

Also I must and do so with great joy, THANK all of you who remembered Holy Family Cathedral on your Christmas list. The December collections have truly made a great difference in our solvency. In July and August we were twenty thousand down and after Christmas we were able to repay the twenty thousand and have another twenty thousand in reserve. So thank you so very much for your wholehearted response.

Happy New Year,

Msgr. Gregory A. Gier

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