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More Black Legends: The Catholics & The Orthodox


You asked for more talks on controversial subjects in Catholic history. But you’re also supposed to be allowed a summer vacation. So, between now and summer, there’s time for four more monthly sessions. That’s not enough time to deal with all the subjects you’ve asked about, but as many as possible will be addressed.

All sessions will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., downstairs in the Heiring Auditorium:

  • Tuesday, March 11: The Catholics and the Orthodox
  • Tuesday, April 29: The Reformation
  • Tuesday, May 27: The Church in the Modern World


Bring your friends, including ex-Catholics, non-Catholics, and anti-Catholics. Questions, comments and arguments are welcome.

March 11: The Catholics and the Orthodox. What caused the split between the Catholics and the Orthodox? How do Catholicism and Orthodoxy compare today? What’s the difference between our Mass and their Divine Liturgy? Where do Catholics who aren’t “Roman” (like Maronites and Byzantines) fit in? When did “Roman” Catholic priests become celibate—and why is celibacy still expected of (most of) them today?

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