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Holy Family Cathedral » News, Rector » The Rector’s Report: Stations of the Cross add beauty and more color to the Cathedral

The Rector’s Report: Stations of the Cross add beauty and more color to the Cathedral

Dear People of Holy Family Cathedral,

While many of us are enjoying the beauty of Oklahoma in the summer, we all get to see the beauty of our refinished Stations of the Cross. Cindy Webster is the artist who hand paints the Cathedral’s Paschal Candle. She worked closely with our former associate pastor Father Matthew La Chance in painting the rectangular imbrication on the walls of the nave.
Cindy used a variety of techniques to prime, antique, and color each figure in each Station. She found hints of buildings in the background and made them easily visible. I look forward to praying the Stations next Lent. I anticipate that all of us will have a greater appreciation for the suffering Christ undertook for us.

My favorite aspect of the Stations is the weather in the background. The bright sun in the First Station gives way to a progressively darker and more turbulent sky culminating with the solar eclipse in the Twelfth Station. The sun sets as the figures in the last Stations race to wrap our Lord’s body in linen and place Him in the tomb.

That Shroud depicted in our Stations of the Cross is in the city of Turin, Italy. The shroud is rarely displayed – only six times in the previous and current centuries. It will be on display next spring. I will be leading a pilgrimage to Turin to see the Shroud. If you would like to come with me, there is information on the parish website:

I am excited to watch the activity in our parish. School is beginning. Another year of Religious Education starts. RCIA is ready to greet a new class. Let us pray for our numerous parish groups.

In Christ,

Rev. Msgr. Gregory A. Gier, Rector 01 Station

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