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RCIA members become Catechumens and Candidates



“Dear candidates, I mark you with the sign of Christ’s cross. The whole community welcomes you with love and stands ready to help you.”


At his final 10:00 Sunday Mass at the Cathedral, Father Louis Obirieze administered the Rite of Acceptance to the RCIA class. This class has been meeting weekly since the beginning of September. They have reached the point in their formation where the Church invites them to become Catechumens, those preparing for Baptism, and Candidates, those non-Catholics who are preparing to be Received into the Church.

Father Louis marked each new catechumen and candidate with the sign of the cross on the forehead. Deacon Greg Stice gave each one a small cross to wear around his neck as an outward sign of affiliation with the Christian Church.

The ritual concluded with a set of prayers asking God to transform them into the likeness of Christ Himself.

The RCIA classes will continue until the Easter Vigil where, God willing, they will be baptized, received into the Church, confirmed, and receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time.  20141123_105459

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