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Notes from the Knightstand: January 2015



I see that Janus
is locking the door
on 2014 forever more
but he also can be seen
opening the door to 2015
What portends I cannot tell
but with faith in God
all will be well!


Janus, in the Roman pantheon of gods, was the god of portals, or doors if you prefer, including possessing the keys to the gate of heaven among other responsibilities. Thus it is that the month of January is his month and being the two-faced god he looks back into the previous year and forward into the coming year. One would think that he was not a very important god if all he did was open and close the old and new year in addition to some other duties but that is not the case: he was VERY important as he could foresee the future of the coming year and for that reason he was showered with food offerings, gifts, and incense at his temple in the hope that he would provide a very good year! Janus is, in fact, the only Roman god who had a month named in his honor – the most important first month of the year. Would that we could foretell the events of the coming year by the goodness of God but, unfortunately, it does not work that way. So, we have faith that all is in, metaphorically, God’s hands.

So we have our Janus moment as we look back upon the events that bespeaks the Council’s activities, accomplishments and those who were so helpful in obtaining them in 2014.

Our monthly pancake breakfast (September- May) not only provided a meal at a very reason- able price but an opportunity for a coming together as a parish once a month and to this end many hands were involved – too many to recognize each by name.

Our Mardi Gras celebration is actually a joint venture of the Council and the Women’s Club but a tip of the chapeau has got to go to Ed Owen who labored (and wrung his hands at times) over the success of this pre-Lenten celebration.

The monthly homeless dinner at the Day Center is another group effort I would hate to slight anyone by omission but two persons stand out in making the project a success: Rebecca Thompson who buys, prepares, and serves the vegetarian side dish, usually beans of some description. I can write that the recipients by their comments thoroughly enjoy her “doctored” baked beans! My long suffering wife, Helen, has been an immense help to me in this project as I grow long in tooth and assorted pains. In fact, not only in this project but all of our dinner projects which would be curtailed without her help. So, for all of you who so often say, “poor Helen” you need to know that she is actually the power behind the throne! Jim Gray did double duty in June by cooking 120 hamburgers on his grill at home in 110 deg. sunshine. Hamburgers are our monthly fare in June which we prepare at HF in the big kitchen – but this year wedding bells required us to implement Plan B. (Actually we had no Plan B – it was a momentous decision on Jim’s part!) Helga Gorman has been very helpful behind the scenes – but that is just her nature for which we are thankful.

A tip of the chapeau must go to Msgr. Gier for his allowing us to use “central purchasing” to buy at savings nearly all the food utilized in our various dinners as well as use of the kitchen facilities to prepare them. Furthermore, without his nod of approval there would be no Sunday rosary, a place to meet monthly, – or even a homeless dinner as it was with his permission that the Council went to the parish two years ago for funds to implement this program. And speaking of the homeless dinner there would not be a December Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner without the Thierrys, Johnny and Sharon, preparing the dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy along with their cohorts in cooking. Also, the Council is eternally grateful. The Council is eternally grateful for the donations received to allow the continuance of this project from many unsung “saints”. Unfortunately, it would take a separate edition of the Newsletter to cover all of our patron “saints” so, for those not men- tioned you are not forgotten: to one and all a tip of the chapeau and, “Thank You” and may you be blessed in heaven.

2015? Oh, well we are planning for more of the same so stay tuned! We hope that you have your “Janus” moment and that the memories are wonderful and the prospects blessed for 2015!


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