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The Truth About the Reformation

Bible diagonalReal ecumenism begins with truth. What really happened in the Reformation–and why–and how much difference does it make in today’s world? Our previous “Black Legends” audience asked for it, so here it is: an entire series of talks on the Reformation.

Learn where Protestantism came from, and what it really is. Along the way, learn important truths about Catholicism. Compare basic Catholic and Protestant beliefs and practices. Discuss Protestant criticisms of Catholicism, and Catholic criticisms of Protestantism.

Every Christian, Catholic or Protestant, needs to know these things. Come and find out. Bring your friends, including ex-Catholics, non-Catholics, and anti-Catholics. Questions, comments and arguments are welcome.


Proposed schedule:


Schedule may be changed according to audience interest. Come to the first session and say what interests you.

Each session will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., downstairs in the Heiring Auditorium.


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