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Knights of Columbus review first part of 2015

by Martin Reidy


Once again we strike our banner
and draw the bridge on Castle Keep
to prepare for the coming summer
and catch up on our sleep!

So, until the waning days of summer
when there’s a changing of the air
we’ll open up the Keep
and hope that you’ll be there!

But we still have one more breakfast
downstairs in Heiring Hall
then we’ll bank the fires
and close up until the Fall!

so, please do come and see us
just this one last time
for a plate of jacks & sausage –
and with that I’m through with rhyme!


Looking Back

The first half of this year has been both prosperous and fulfilling for the Council, albeit with the help of the Women’s Club. Ed Owen did yeoman’s work on the Mardi Gras celebration but it’s chapeaus off to the ladies for the mainstay labors that made it an overwhelming success. I know, I wrote of this project a month or so ago but some things are just worth mentioning twice!

The Holy Family Garage Sale was also a commendable success with accolades to both Club and Council members for their respective contributions to this annual project.

Our monthly dinner at the homeless center is humming along nicely due to our many volunteers. Our Easter dinner this year fell on Holy Saturday and we served our usual ham dinner with a new twist: cupcakes provided by Donna Feltzke, and small cartons of milk provided by Maureen Petty – both of which were a thankful hit.

Our next big dinner will be, as usual, at Christmas but for now we retrench for the summer with alternating months of hot dogs and sloppy joes with appropriate sides and chips – though the 4th of July dinner calls for ice cream for dessert! We did this last year and I bought two bags of dry ice on Friday before the Saturday dinner to keep the ice cream cold and placed it in the kitchen freezer downstairs here at the Cathedral. The next day all that was there in the freezer were two empty bags! I was in a panic and could not believe that someone would take all the dry ice and leave the bags behind. Then one of my cohorts in serving informed me that the dry ice had evaporated overnight. Needless to say I had no idea that dry ice would evaporate inside a freezer! One is never too old to learn something new every day! However, all’s well that ends well as we smothered the ice cream bars in crushed ice taken from the ice maker in the kitchen.


Looking Ahead

Aside from this monthly dinner we have nothing on tap until August when we once again put on our world famous Priest Appreciation Dinner for the Cathedral clergy, Knights, and family members- and before this ink is dry we expect to see our Chaplain, Fr. John Grant back on the scene. Welcome home, Father! It is great to have you back at the Cathedral!

Gazing a bit into the future Ed Owen has had another one of his “moments” and is plotting a Fall Festival/Casino Night in October so sock away a few shekels for the occasion.

As of this writing I do not know whether or not we have any graduating servers but if we do we will once again recognize them with a Certificate of Appreciation for their service at the altar – along with a little “green” to see them on their way into the world. And that closes out our first half of the year.


Report on the Homeless Dinners

One item I did forget is this: About three years ago the parish was promised an annual fiduciary report on the financial standing of the homeless dinner funds in response to the overwhelming response we experienced in that special collection in November of 2012 which garnered the project $2,829.00! We were hoping, at the time to receive, perhaps, $500 – and we were stunned at the parish response to that special collection. I’ll try to do better this coming December/January but, in brief, we have received contributions in 2014 in the amount of $1,107.31. Additionally, the Council contributes $500.00 annually to the dinner project so the total amount for 2014 is $1,607.31. Total expenses for 2014 were $2,218.25. Total expenses 2012 thru 2014 are: $4,573.99. We began 2015 with a balance of $1,883.85. Expenses for 2015, January thru April, were $595.92. Income for 2015, January thru April, was $550.00 of which $500.00 was the Council’s annual donation, and $50.00 from a parishioner. Thus, as of May 1st. the Council has an indicated $1,837.93 balance in the homeless dinner fund – which means that the Council will NOT need to come hat in hand to you once again (at least this year!)!


Have a Good Summer

So, that is a wrap, as they say. We hope that one and all have a great summer and , should you have time on your hands, a good book is always welcomed on a lazy summer afternoon. I have only two recommendations: any book by Fr. Richard Rohr; and The Week That Opened Forever: The Passion of Christ in a Different Voice by William J. O’Malley, S.J. The book covers in a colloquial manner the week leading up to and including the Crucifixion. It is very readable and, while perfect for Lent, it would be a good one for summer.


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