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The Truth about the Reformation: Results of the Reformation

Sixth  Session:    Results of the Reformation

August 11, 2015    7:00-8:30 p.m.    Heiring Auditorium


Question Mark faces

This is the conclusion of Holy Family’s discussion series about the Reformation. Every Christian, Catholic or Protestant, needs to know these things. Come and find out. Bring your friends, including ex-Catholics, non-Catholics, and anti-Catholics. Questions, comments and arguments are welcome.


The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation comes in 2017.
Should we celebrate?
Find out what the Reformation really did to us — you’ll be shocked.


A few hints:

  • how Luther invented relativism
  • why “modern” really means “anti-Catholic”
  • why science, industry, capitalism, and democracy all went wrong
  • where the welfare state really came from
  • why “conservatives” are really liberals
  • why “liberals” are really radicals
  • the history books call it “the Enlightenment”;
    but it brought on the Dark Age in which we now live
  • the truth about Protestants and Hitler
    (Let’s have no more complaints about Pius XII !!!!!)


But the news isn’t all bad. Learn the prospects for ecumenism — you’ll be surprised.

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