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Holy Family Cathedral » Events » Is there a God? September 23

Is there a God? September 23


Atheists demand proof that God exists. They say God is an imaginary “flying spaghetti monster.”

Protestants demand proof that Catholicism is true Christianity. They say they are “Bible Christians” but Catholics are not.

Can you satisfy demands like these? Can you explain why Catholics believe what we believe?


APOLOGETICS doesn’t mean having to say you’re sorry. It means defending the Faith by explaining it properly. There is proof that God exists. There is proof that Catholicism is true Christianity. Do you know what these proofs are?

Learn how to respond to false arguments against Catholicism. Refresh your own knowledge of basic Catholic beliefs and practices. Learn how to explain these basics to unbelievers.

Is there a God

Parishioners (and any others) are invited to attend a series of talks, followed by discussions, EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Heiring Auditorium at Holy Family Cathedral.

Questions, comments and arguments are welcome. Critics o Catholicism should come. Learn what Catholics really believe — and why.




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