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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus » Notes from the Knightstand: September 2015

Notes from the Knightstand: September 2015

by Martin Reidy


Now we come upon September
and before the month is past
remember well for what I tell –
there comes the Feast of Michaelmas!

Priests Appreciation Dinner
Last month I wrote that I would report this month on the conclusion as to the Council’s endeavors to honor the parish clergy in our annual Priests dinner and I am happy to report that it was a rousing success: The Knights were all gentlemen, the ladies were lovely, the children well behaved, the food was delicious, the cost was cheap, the Priests were grateful, and all had a good time!

Thanks to Helga
However, a tip of the chapeau must go to Helga Gorman who lent a most welcome hand on the 4th in making the dinner the success that it was. Again, it was the crossing of constellations – the homeless dinner on the 1st and the Priest dinner on the 4th – that resulted in the contribution of such anxiety as to the success of the dinner. Had “Mutti” Gorman not made her timely appearance we might yet be there making the preparations for the dinner! However, success was not entirely of our doings as several persons brought “fixins” to the dinner with a special thanks to Maureen Petty who provided the baked beans to round out the buffet table.

Thanks to Rebecca
We also bid good-bye and blessed days and happy ways to Rebecca Thompson who has left us for a long deserved sabbatical. Rebecca has been a most valuable member of the homeless monthly dinner team in buying, preparing, and serving the beans, baked or green, depending upon the season. Needless to say Rebecca will be dearly missed not only by us but also by the denizens of the homeless center who especially enjoyed her baked beans!

The Feast of Saint Michael
Michaelmas (pronounced as Mickel-mus) is a time honored feast originally celebrating the Feast of St. Michael on the 29th but now includes Sts. Raphael and Gabriel. Yet it is St. Michael who has the honored place in our thoughts – and prayers. His very name, Michael is rooted in the Hebraic meaning which is Who is like God and honored not only by Christians but also other religious creeds as well. Michael is the Patron Saint of many occupations and has a prominent place on the top of Castel Sant’Angelo (originally Hadrian’s tomb) which is the summer palace of the Pope. Michaelmas, in our agrarian past, celebrated the end of the harvest season and thereby giving rise to various Fall celebrations including our own Octoberfest. These celebrations were a result of a time to settle debts, arrange for winter help, marketing livestock, and enjoining other customs now lost in the mist of history. It is at this time that the aster flower blooms until frost and was known as the Michaelmas Daisy – and what young person smitten with love does not know the diddy, “he/she loves me,….loves me not..” which comes from this tradition as a folk saying for lovers who pulled the petals of the daisy or aster on the 29th to see if they would be lucky in love in finding a bride/groom by spring.

So, we wish to one and all a Happy and Blessed Michaelmas – and don’t forget Gray at the grill on the 20th for pancakes and sausage in Heiring Hall! PAX!

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