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Have you been Saved? Adult Ed: Oct. 21

Christ in GloryWhat must I do to be saved?

Someone asked Jesus that question. Jesus told him to keep the Commandments — and if he felt he could do even more, to give his possessions to the poor and live like Jesus. See Matt. 19:16-21, Mark 10:17-21, Luke 18:18-22. Jesus also preached that Heaven goes to those who help others. See Matt. 25:33-46.

Doesn’t the Bible say we are saved by faith alone?

No. Nowhere. No way.

Then why do so many people say we are saved by faith alone?

Beats me. Can’t they read their Bibles?

Doesn’t the Bible at least say we are “justified” by faith alone?

No. The Bible expressly states we are NOT justified by faith alone. See James 3:24.

So we save ourselves by our own good works?

No. We are saved by God’s grace, which comes to us through faith, and gives us the strength it gives us, or else our faith is dead. If our faith is dead, we cannot expect God to give us life. See James 3:17.

So faith brings grace which brings good works?

Yes, as far as that goes. But saying to yourself “I believe” is not the only way to gain grace. Grace also comes to us through prayer and sacraments. And the more good work we do, the more strangth God gives us to do good work. No pain, no gain.

Sounds complicated.

Someone simplified it like this: “Pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on you.”

Is there any more to say on this subject?

Very much more. Come hear a few hints.

Wednesday, October 21
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Heiring Auditorium
Holy Family Cathedral

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