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Holy Family Cathedral » Events » The Bible: Adult Education Class on Oct. 14

The Bible: Adult Education Class on Oct. 14


Is Scripture alone enough?

No, In fact, Scripture itself says Scripture alone is not enough.


Should we read the Bible “literally?” What does “literally mean, anyway?

No one is sure what “literally” means. When two different parts of the Bible disagree (as they often do), how can anyone read them both “literally?” However, it seems likely that some parts of the Bible are meant to be read more “literally” than other parts.


Where did the Bible come from — and why should all Christians know where the Bible came from?

If you don’t trust the Pope, you can’t trust the Bible. Most people don’t realize that, but it’s true. Find out why.


Why is the Catholic version of the Old Testament longer than Protestant, Orthodox, or Jewish versions — and why does that matter?

The Catholic version of the Old Testament is more complete than Protestant, Orthodox, or even Jewish versions. Catholics didn’t ADD anything to the original Scriptures; non-Catholics REMOVED parts of the original Scriptures. Yes, that means Jewish traditions are actually better preserved in the Catholic Old Testament than they are in the Jewish Bible itself! Find out why the Catholic Bible is more complete than any other version of Scripture.


Why do Catholics Bibles numbers the Psalms differently (and more correctly) than Protestant or Jewish Bibles do?

Here again, the Catholic version is more accurate than non-Catholic versions. Even non-Catholic scholars agree on this point.


Why do Catholics number the 10 Commandments differently (and more sensibly) than Protestants, Orthodox, or Jews do — and why does that matter?

The Bible itself doesn’t clearly separate the give numbers to the 10 Commandments. Different religious traditions count the commandments differently. By changing the nmbering system, one can change the sense of the commandments themselves. The system which makes best sense is the traditional Catholic one. Does it matter? Well, for example, the Catholic system (1) allows religious art to develop free of superstitious taboo, and (2) emphasizes that wives are not property!

Wednesday, October 14
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Heiring Auditorium
Holy Family Cathedral

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