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Notes from the Knightstand: January 2016

by Martin Reidy


So, before Janus locks the gate on the year that was let us take a quick perusal of the accomplishments of the Council in 2015 – not all done by our own initiatives as we had your help in many of our undertakings.


Once again we begin anew
promises made on what to do
to improve our lives and lot
but are they kept? Mostly not!

For we know it is for our own good
to keep our promises IF we could
so we try, and try again
to change our ways to better ends.

Now, if you have the moral pluck
keep us all not in suspension
that by Grace and good luck
you kept all your intentions!

There was Mardi Gras in February and Oktoberfest in October – both were winners with the help of the Women’s Club in one capacity or another. We met all our charitable goals relative to church and school in one capacity or another.

Our annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner in August, and our Annual Christmas Dinner in December were worthy of accolades but, again, we had the deft and helpful hand of Helga Gorman on both occasions and Ann Owen on one occasion.

Our most intensive as well as expensive project – the monthly dinner at the homeless center – was a winner all around – but, here again, it was done with the help of others. Donna Felzke provided cookies except on one or two occasions. The Women’s Club came through with pumpkin pies for our December Christmas dinner which was a savings to us of some dollars. Maureen Petty came through with cartons of milk for both the Easter and Christmas homeless dinners, and the baked beans for the Clergy dinner. The stars of the volunteers, though, were the crew who took their Thanksgiving holiday to prepare the several pans of mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, and green beans served at the December dinner. So, a tip of the chapeau to Johnny and Sharon Thierry, Mayo and Coleen Brooks, Ethel Brooks (up from Edmond), Shirley Hayden, and Ben & Kate Thierry here for the holiday from Chicago.

So, dear readers, we are dependent and most thankful for the “silent service” of these unsung heroes of the charity wars. Johnny and Sharon are former dinner “doers” from many years past as were Mayo and Coleen Brooks before age just caught up with them. Johnny and Sharon also make up the several pans of macaroni and cheese we serve in March, and often contribute their culinary expertise to our Easter meal. Several Knights, and sometime family members, have put aside their sword and armor to lend a hand at serving the dinner which would not occur without their helping hands. And we lost a long time volunteer and contributor, Rebecca Thompson – a/k/a the bean lady for preparing and bringing the baked or green beans each month with the help of Alan Thompson – who has opted for a long deserved sabbatical of which I wrote in a previous newsletter.

We spent $2,267.76 which 188.98/month, and $1.89/patron on 120 meals in 2015. Our January 2, 2016 meal is being prepared by parishioner Edna Hawkins who begins to smoke 60 lbs. of turkey in November for the turkey stew she prepares for the January meal. It is brought to the homeless center in a huge cauldron by her nephew, Raymond Dean with help from his wife, Theresa, who drive up from Okmulgee for the annual occasion. So, as you can see, the monthly homeless dinner is a combined and joint effort by many persons, some parishioners, some not, and some Catholic, and some not! But less I forget there is also you who donated to our homeless collection in November to the tune of $4,617.00 and, but for you, there would be no monthly homeless dinner for it is you by your donation who underwrites this project! Your generosity is most appreciated. This amount along with the Council’s contribution of $500.00 will allow the monthly dinner to continue for at least two more years, if not more!

And I have not even mentioned the turkey drive which netted an almost identical amount of money in addition to what I would guess to be 60+ turkeys! Once again, to return to Janus and to look ahead into the coming year there is the Mardi Gras celebration in late January or the 6th of February as Lent comes early as does Easter this year, and don’t forget to mark your calendar on the 17th for pancakes and sausage in Heiring Hall! So, we at the Keep raise our goblets in toast to the lot of you and may your stars shine on forever! Have a Blessed 2016 – Everyone! Pax!

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