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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus, Lent » Notes from the Knightstand: February 2016

Notes from the Knightstand: February 2016

by Martin Reidy


Indeed! The Lenten Season is soon upon us (if not already by the time you receive this newsletter)! Holy Family will schedule the usual Mass, Adoration, Benedictions, Stations of the Cross, and a Friday evening dinner after Stations.


Rosary cutout smallWhy do I feel defeated
in my struggle over sin?
Because in my heart I know so well
that I’ll commit them all again!

Once I had so much resolve
that – unlike other men –
I knew that I would never
become a slave of sin!

Then I heard a rooster crow
so very loud and clear –
reminding me I failed again-
which had been my greatest fear!

I was a fool to think that I
alone could conquer sin,
that on my own resolve
over evil I could win!

So! To begin this Lenten Season
I’ll turn to Christ in sorrow
knowing If I do not repent
that I’ll be the same tomorrow!

January was such a quiet and uneventful month that there is little that is new coming out of the Keep! The blood drive on the 24th was a success though we lost some donors due to the waiting time for which we had no control but apologize just the same.

The pancake breakfast was a surprising success in that the after 8 crowd was sparse in comparison to past attendance – but the 8 a.m. Mass was equally sparse so the explanation. Then again, the word may have circulated that Jim Gray would not be performing his magic on the grill which may have led some to believe in a drop in quality – though Paul Louderback and other Knights did an admirable job of providing same. Once again, keep us in mind on the 21st!

The 28th was the final Sunday for the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary at the 8 a.m. Mass until Advent. The interim Sunday of the 7th the Illumination Mysteries will be recited with the Sorrowful Mysteries commencing on the 14th and continuing until Palm Sunday. Never heard of the Illumination Mysteries? Well, those were the ones initiated by Pope John Paul and, I agree, are not often recited.

Mardi Gras! Once again, it depends upon when you receive this missive whether or not the Holy Family Mardi Gras is either anticipated or remembered. So – if it has not yet occurred we hope that you will attend not only because it is a fund raiser but that it brings the parish together for a few hours of fun and (innocent) frolic of which such celebrations are few and far between. Now, if it is a past event we hope that you did attend and enjoyed yourself for an hour or two before the somber season of Lent commences.

A final note is that Valentine’s Day occurs on Sunday this year which means you can take your Valentine out to dinner or some such as not only is it not a week/workday but Sundays are never subject to the rigors of Lent. And with that the Council extends our wishes to each one of the ladies of the parish in hopes that they, indeed, have a Blessed and Happy Valentine’s Day! Pax!

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