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Holy Family Cathedral » Knights of Columbus » Notes from the Knightstand: March 2016

Notes from the Knightstand: March 2016

by Martin Reidy


The Lenten Fast
is nearly done
for what is to come
Crucifixion of
our Lord and King
so Life from Death
may Easter bring!


Due to the early date of Easter this year the Christmas season hardly ended with the Feast of the Presentation on the 2nd in February when Lent commenced on the 10th. It left precious little time in between for any frivolity.

The Feast of the Presentation of our Lord, previously known as, variously, Candlemas and the Feast of the Purification of Mary, was aptly celebrated with a candlelight procession of those attending the Mass, at least at the noon Mass which I attended though I feel quite certain that it was so celebrated at the earlier Mass also. We assembled at the rear of the Cathedral and each person had a small skirted lit candle with which we processed to the front altar at which Fr. Jovita provided a short but lovely rite marking the occasion. I wrote of this ritual in past years as one in which was celebrated at the old Immaculate Conception parish on North Denver. The elementary school students did not march but remained in the pews with their paper skirted candles. The candles were lit and God help the student who did more than hold that candle stationery and upright for the short prayer by Fr. Rooney as the nuns were on guard at the end of the pews for each corresponding class.

We did have some frivolity that Saturday on the 6th thanks to the efforts of Ed Owen and several members of the Holy Family Women’s Club the parish celebrated Mardi Gras in grand fashion. Once again, Michael and Kathleen Davis, along with appropriate assistance, indulged their culinary expertise in providing a Cajun repast to some 75 attendees to the festivities. A tip of the Chapeau, to Ed and Ann Owen along with Michael & Kathleen Davis and the many other contributors of their labors to make the occasion a success. Noted but not necessarily inclusive of all who so volunteered were Michael Caturegli, Kevin Ikenberry, Robert Shrader, Al Tanner, Art Spoerl and wife, Trish. Now, I am certain that I missed someone or two – or more – and were I to have done so you have my most abject apology for such remission.

We had pancakes and sausage as usual on Feb. 21st with Robert Shraeder at the grill. Robert did an outstanding job though I did see one or two others spattered in batter, Steve Wire being one of them. Our next breakfast is scheduled for March 13.

The Sorrowful Mysteries will be recited through Palm Sunday with the Glorious Mysteries commencing on Easter Sunday for those of you attend the Sunday 7:30 a.m. rosary.

A final comment regarding March is that March is not quite winter and not yet spring in that it mimics both in wind and temperament. Originally, the Romans celebrated March as the beginning of the new year. The Romans had a ten month year and originally September, October, November, and December were simply 7th month, 8th month, 9th month, and 10th month. Then the Caesars came along and wanted Their Month – and, thus we have July and August – though the numerically named months became the ninth through twelfth months though their names mean seventh month through tenth month. I am sure everyone has just been dying to know that tidbit of history.

So, as this missive comes to a deserved ending, on behalf of the Council I extend to each and all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day (17th), a Blessed St. Joseph’s Day (19th), and a very Blessed Easter celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ!


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