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Reasons to Send Your Children to Totus Tuus

                                                                   Why Should your children attend Totus Tuus?

If you ask the kids one of their top reasons to attend Totus Tuus is the FUN.  Fun is one of the Five Pillars of Totus Tuus. Since children, especially young children learn primarily through fun, the Totus Tuus program incorporates fun activities, arts and craft, song , recess and playtime  in the daytime program for ages 1 st grade through 8 th. We week long program is culminated in an afternoon of outside water play for the kids and team.  Totus Tuus is a Catholic youth program, similar to Vacation Bible School. Its purpose is to share the Gospel and promote Catholic faith.totustuusplay


If you ask any Totus Tuus team member they will tell you that the underlying purpose of Totus Tuus is prayer. Prayer is manifested in a variety of ways, the Rosary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass. Participants at Totus Tuus will attend daily mass with the Totus Tuus team,  learn and pray the rosary and  attend eucharistic adoration. The youth will participate at Mass by serving, bringing up the offertory gifts, and inprayerproclaiming the readings and petitions. Totus Tuus team members will lead the children in a few songs during Mass. The team will prepare the children for Mass and Confession, and they will practice the songs as well. The children will be expected to behave during Mass—and at all times during the week. Their Friday afternoon schedule depends on it!

Throughout the week Totus Tuus instructors share the truth of our Catholic Faith with the students. Catechesis is  orderly and systemic.  Students will have age appropriate classroom instruction. Totus Tuus has a revolving curriculum that goes through a six year cycle. This year’s theme and instruction is on Prayer and the Our Father.  Marian Devotion is one of the pillars of Totus Tuus, by praying and  meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary we are brought closer to Jesus through his mother. Totus Tuus offers an environment where both students and instructors can discern their vocation. Totus Tuus promotes vocations in young people by emphasizing the importance and necessity of prayer, including Eucharistic devotion. praying the rosary and faith formation.vocations - hfc - getty images

Registration is still open. Registration forms can be found here and here. Cost is $10 per child with a maximum cost of $25 per family.

Snacks are provided but please send a sack lunch.

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