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Family Faith Formation


We have added Family Faith Formation to our Wednesdays at the Cathedral lineup.

What you ask is Family Faith Formation? That’s a good question.

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children.

  • Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Ed. (Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 2000), 2223.

Through the grace of the sacrament of marriage, parents receive the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing their children. Parents should initiate their children at an early age into the mysteries of the faith of which they are the “first heralds” for their children. They should associate them from their tenderest years with the life of the Church.

  • Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2nd Ed. (Washington, DC: United States Catholic Conference, 2000), 2225.

The Cathedral is here to help you meet the challenges facing parents in educating their children in matters of faith. To do this we have changed our Sunday School Program. The first change you may notice is that instruction is not on Sunday. In an effort to serve the entire church we now offer Family Instruction on Wednesday Nights. Family Faith Instruction is integrated in to our Wednesday Nights at the Cathedral.

Our goal for Family Faith Formation is to give families the tools they need –  as primary educators of their children – to impart the faith through word and example. Parents may remain in the classroom with their children for the entire evening if they choose. However, a program entitled Living the Sacramental Life is being developed specifically for parents. Part of the evening will be spent in the classroom with your children. Part of the evening will be spent in prayer and adoration. Part of the evening will be spent with clergy, in your own formation time, discussing relevant issues facing families today as well in-home catechesis and faith life.

We are excited to be offering many options for your children, of all ages and stages of catechesis. 

Bless My Soul – is our program for Elementary age. They will learn about the sacraments in a fun interactive setting using crafts, songs, Bible Verses and more.  

Middle School  – Will also focus on the Seven Sacraments 

All High School students will participate in a Theology of the Body program designed specifically for their age. Intermingled with this program is an emphasis on Confirmation as it calls us to be evangelists in the world according to our station in life. This will be suitable for those preparing for Confirmation next spring as well as younger high school students or those already confirmed. There will occasionally be outside speakers giving their time to our youth and parents.

Lastly, we have a Faith in Action Team for middle school and high school children already receiving catechesis in school. Our Faith in Action team will have opportunities for service, music, drama as well as deep faith formation. Seniors will have the opportunity for leadership as well.

Our clergy will be involved with Family Faith Formation. They will spend time, in rotation, discussing matters of Faith, morals and catechesis with parents and children alike.

Key to our program this year is service. Approximately once a month our parish will participate in local service opportunities. This will be not only for families, but RCIA, and adults of all ages.

If you did not attend the Parent Meeting last week there will be another mandatory parent meeting  and orientation September 7 at 6:30 p.m. 

For More Information about our Family Faith Formation you can email Monica Conro, Director of Family Evangelization at

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