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Rite of Acolyte


Rite of Acolyte This  Sunday, September 11 Bishop Slattery will confer the Office of Acolyte on 10 men from the Diocese of Tulsa, including two from our Parish, Jon Conro and B.D. Tidmore.

What is an Acolyte? An Acolyte is one of four minor orders in the Catholic Church. The Office of Acolyte can be dated to a letter, written in 251, by Pope Cornelius to Fabius, Bishop of Antioch, and in which we possess a definite enumeration of the Roman clergy. There existed at that time in Rome forty-six priests, seven deacons, seven sub-deacons, forty-two acolytes, and fifty-two exorcists, lectors, and doorkeepers (Eusebius, Church HistoryVI.43)

Acolytes have the duty of preparing the altar, and assisting the deacon and priest at the sacrifice of the mass. The Office of Acolyte is the last minor order conferred before these men take join in the Diakonia (are ordained Deacons). To reach this point the men, B.D. , Jon and all the men in their class have discerned a call to serve, and undergone 5 years of learning about themselves and studying Theology. They still have one more academic year to complete before ordination. They will spend this year learning to put their knowledge to use, practicing writing and delivering homilies, and learning how to perform the duties of the Office of Deacon.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this event in our Parish. A Mass with Bishop Slattery.


Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Tulsa will be held Sunday, September 11 at 2:30 p.m. Please keep these B.D Tidmore and Jon Conro and all the men in our Diaconate Formation Program in your prayers.

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