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Wednesdays at the Cathedral Epiphany Party

On the 12th Day of Christmas the Three Wise Men arrived bringing gifts. Here at Holy Family Cathedral the Three Wise Men came  a little early. The arrived this past Wednesday at our Wednesdays at the Cathedral program.

Our Wednesdays at the Cathedral Program is our Family Faith Formation Program, with classes for everyone at all stages of faith formation, including adult, parent, RCIA, youth group and sacramental  prep.

Our Epiphany Celebration kicked off with a dinner featuring cuisine from three different regions of the world. Some Catholic traditions hold that the Wise Men came from three different regions, Africa, China and India. Keeping that tradition in mind our Epiphany Feast featured dishes from those three regions, Indian Chicken Curry, Vegetable Stir Fry, and Nigerian Jollof. (Nigerian jollofdsc_0318 similar to jambalaya)







In keeping with the theme of the Epiphany our dessert was Rosca de Reyes, or Kings Ring, a sweet bread. It is considered good luck if you find the little baby baked in it.

After Dinner we were entertained with song  and sang along.

dsc_0329 dsc_0360







We were also visited by the Three Wise Men, though they seemed a little confused at times. The Wise Men even brought gifts.

dsc_0334 dsc_0354dsc_0341






All of the gifts were symbolic

The first gift was chocolate coins. The coins are symbolic of the gold that the Magi gave to the Holy Family.

The Wise Men delivered Frankincense to the Christ Child. Frankincense is a resin burned with incense at the time and still used in the Mass today. The Wise Men brought us a second gift a  a Miraculous Medal. The Miraculous Medal is a reminder for those who wear it  to pray and seek Mary’s intercession.

The last gift given to the families at the Epiphany party was a crucifix. When the Wise Men visited The Christ Child they gave him Myrrh. The gift of myrrh was a symbol Christ’s kingship. Myrrh was known for its healing properties, perhaps foreshadowing Christ the Great Physician. When Jesus was on the cross he was offered myrrh on a branch. The Wise Men brought our families a crucifix to keep in their homes.

dsc_0343-copy dsc_0346-copy dsc_0356










To see more pictures of Midnight Mass or our Epiphany Part  or to get full size copies go to our Google Photos – photo album. 

Did you take any great pictures or video at Christmas or the Epiphany? You can share them with us and we will add them to the photo album.

Email your pictures to and put photos in the subject line.



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