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Palm Sunday Masses and Traditions

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Our Holy Week journey starts with Palm Sunday, a day of rejoicing and joy. This day commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday Masses will be on Sunday April 9 at 8 am, 10am 12 noon and  5pm.

For many this day is second to only the joyful celebration that is Easter.  Take home your blessed palms and put them in a special place in your home. Let them be a reminder of  our faith in Jesus Christ, and his impending death and resurrection. Your blessed palms are sacramentals and as such are to b  treated with respect and reverence. You may decide to form them in the shape of a cross, or place them behind your crucifix. Some will place their palms on their family altar or some other place of significance.

We are doubly blessed on Palm Sunday because here in Tulsa we have the opportunity to attend Tenebre. If you have never gone to Tenebre you are in for a surprise. Tenebre has as its overriding theme the descent into darkness that occurs when Jesus dies. Tenebre is celebrated in the context of vespers, unnamedbut in this instance as the service continues  the church progressively gets darker, until only one candle is left. That candle then exits the church, leaving the entire cathedral in darkness. In the darkness a tremendous noise is made by those who attend when they bang their hymnals on the pews. Kids usually look forward to this one occasion that they can make noise in church. Tenebre will be April 9, at 7:30 pm.




You can find a complete Schedule of Holy Week at the Cathedral here.


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