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Holy Family Cathedral Welcomes Two New Deacons



The Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma ordained 10 new deacons on June 17, 2017, here at Holy Family Cathedral. Deacons are called to serve the church in a special way, in the early church they were responsible for taking care of the widows and orphans. As ordained clergy they serve as the Bishop’s right hand, this  is why you will see them sitting on either side of the Bishop when he presides at mass. In addition to their clerical duties permanent  deacons have a family and many still work a fulltime job.

We here at Holy Family are blessed to have two assigned to us. Deacon Jon Conro and Deacon B.D. Tidmore are both parishioners here at the Cathedral and familiar sights to many.

I recently sat down to talk with our new deacons so we all could get to know them a little better.


If you don’t know Jon he is a father of 4 teenagers. He is married to Monica Conro who is our Director of Family Evangelization here at Holy Family. Their family was recently named the Family of the year by the State of Oklahoma, Knights of Columbus.DSC_0013

Jon is often see on the altar as a master of ceremonies and assists at many of the parish’s and diocese’s big masses and events. As a deacon he will be assigned to Holy Family Cathedral and he will serve the Catholic Home School community as diocesan liaison.

A calling to serve is unique to each individual. Jon first became aware that he may have had a calling approximately seven years ago, when he first applied to diaconate formation. He fully discerned his vocation upon entering the fourth year of formation.

I am happy to say that B.D. also took some time out of his busy pre-ordination schedule to visit with me t B.D. has always been active in the parish here. This past year he was awarded the Jim Foley Award for service . In addition to serving on the altar as an acolyte and lector he coordinates the 40 Days for Life program and helps to prepare and deliver meals to the homeless. B.D. told  me that it was through his involvement with his ministries that he heard God call him   “when I quit just sitting in the pews at Mass and got involved with people;  serving the homeless, taking Holy Communion to the homebound and sick and most importantly through regular Adoration. It seemed God was saying” that’s good, but I want ALL of you”.



We are blessed to have B.D. assigned here at the Cathedral where he will continue to serve us and lead in his quiet, gentle way. In addition to being assigned to the Cathedral, B.D. has been assigned to Porta Caeli House where he will be a comfort to the dying and their families.







Please keep both of these men and their families in your continued prayers are they begin their ordained ministries.

You can find pictures from all the events this past ordination weekend here and here


  • story and pictures by Lisa Stice  – Director of Communications Holy Family Cathedral

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