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Ordination Events for B.D. Tidmore and Jon Conro


Holy Family Cathedral is blessed with its deacons. This year we are doubly blessed as our two newest deacons will be ordained on June 17 at 10 am. Please keep Jon and B.D. in your prayers are they prepare for this next step.

There will be several events in and around ordination.  Seating at ordination will be very limited but we encourage you to attend one of the other events next weekend. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Ordination Vespers on Friday, June 16 and the Masses of Thanksgiving for B.D. Tidmore and Jon Conro on Sunday, June 18. Holy Family Cathedral will also host a reception on Sunday after the 10 a.m. mass for our new Deacons.

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  1. Cheryl Ireland says:

    Jonathan, On the day you were born, the Reverend Eugene Carter paid us a visit in the hospital. As we marveled at the miracle of you, so fresh from the hands of God, Rev. Carter offered a prayer of thanksgiving for your safe arrival. Before he left, he gave me a book entitled Meditations for the New Mother in which he had inscribed this blessing…”May Jonathan Mark grow as Jesus grew–‘in stature and wisdom, and in favor with God and man'”. Little did we know on that last day of 1972 how that blessing and those words from Luke 2:52 would exemplify your life.
    My prayer for you as you are ordained to the diaconate and begin a life of service is that you continue to grow as Jesus grew “in stature and wisdom, and in favor with God and man”.

    It’s a long ways from the days of the Purple Puzzle Tree and your burgeoning love of the Lord to where you stand today.

    May God’s richest blessings be ever yours
    With love always,

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