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Route 66 Marathon Traffic

The Route 66 Marathon is this weekend, and it might be a bit difficult to reach the cathedral.

Please see the revised news release maps. More information to follow on the Traffic Flow Map.

Williams Route 66 Marathon Media Saturday Maps 2017

 The first map displays the 5K Racecourse. The 5K Race starts and finishes in the Brady Arts District on Saturday at 8 a.m.

 The second map displays an ingress/egress route for downtown churches, residents and businesses during the marathon on Sunday.

 The third map displays the timeline of the runners as the roads close approximately one hour before the first participant and reopen approximately half hour after the last participant.

 The Williams Route 66 Marathon starts Downtown and finishes in the Brady Arts District on Sunday at 8 a.m. Crowds up to 14,000 are anticipated to attend this Boston-qualifying race.

 Police will allow traffic to cross the racecourse at signal lights when it will not interfere with the safety of the marathon participants. Motorists can expect delays at all crossing points.

 Note: Unauthorized vehicles parked within the staging/racecourse closures are subject to tow.

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