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Clergy & Ministerial Staff


Most Rev. David Konderla
Bishop of Tulsa
V. Rev. Jovita Okonkwo
Rector of the Cathedral
918-582-6247 ext. 101
Rev. John Grant
Associate Pastor
918-582-6247 ext. 102
Rev. Msgr. Gregory Gier
Rector Emeritus
918-582-6247 ext. 103
Rev. Deacon Tom Gorman
918-582-6247 ext. 220
Rev. Deacon Greg Stice
918-582-6247 ext. 222
Rev. Deacon Kevin Tulipana
918-582-6247 ext. 223
Rev. Deacon Jerry Mattox
Deacon, Retired
918-582-6247 ext. 107
Rev. Deacon Jon Conro
Rev. Deacon B.D. Tidmore

4 Responses to "Clergy & Ministerial Staff"

  1. Cyndi Johnston says:

    I was inquiring into the elementary scholarship program and did not know who to speak to. So I thought it best just to leave a message. Could I please leave my name and number with the church and the appropriate person return my call? My name is Cyndi Johnston and I am raising my youngest two grandchildren. I would like very much for them to attend Catholic schools but at our age and fixed income, can not afford it. I was told about the scholarship and was hoping the children could apply. I can be reached at 918-760-5820. God Bless you all.

    1. Lisa Stice says:

      Hi Cyndi,

      We are so happy that you want your grandchildren to receive a Catholic Education. We understand that the cost can be too much for many to bear alone. Here is the scholarship information that you can check on

  2. ron norman says:

    There is a priest that says mass at noon. He chants. What would be his mass schedule. Would he be french?

    1. Mike Malcom says:

      Are you thinking of Father John Grant? He is in his thirties.

      As of mid-August 2013, he is returning to school to pursue a degree in Liturgy. He will only occasionally be back in Tulsa to say Mass.

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