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Family Faith Formation


Family Faith FormationFamily Faith Formation is a part of our Wednesday Night at the Cathedral Program. 

Our goal for Family Faith Formation is to give families the tools they need –  as primary educators of their children – to impart the faith through word and example. Parents may remain in the classroom with their children for the entire evening if they choose. However, a program entitled Living the Sacramental Life is being developed specifically for parents. The program for parents is designed to give parents the tools they need to be the primary teachers of their children.  Part of the evening will be spent in prayer and adoration. and part of the evening will be spent with clergy discussing relevant issues facing families today, in-home catechesis and faith life.

Bless My Soul – is our program for younger students elementary through about 5th grade. They will learn about the Sacraments in an engaging interactive instruction.

Middle School 6-8th grade – this program will focus on the 7 Sacraments.

Faith in Action Team – F.I.A.T – is for students middle school and high school children already receiving catechesis in school. Our Faith in Action team will have opportunities for service, music, drama as well as deep faith formation. High School seniors will have the opportunity for leadership as well.

High School and Confirmation – All High School students will participate in a Theology of the Body program designed specifically for their age. Intermingled with this program is an emphasis on Confirmation as it calls us to be evangelists in the world according to our station in life. This will be suitable for those preparing for Confirmation next spring as well as younger high school students or those already confirmed. There will occasionally be outside speakers giving their time to our youth and parents.

A key part of our Family Faith Formation is service. There will be opportunities throughout the year for all of us to serve and live our faith.

If you have a heart for service and feel called to assist with Family Faith

watcFormation from preschool to high school, please call or email the Cathedral







If you would like to assist with the religious education program, you may call Monica Conro, Director of Family Evangelization , at the parish. We would love to have you join us in this very important evangelization mission.

6 Responses to "Family Faith Formation"

  1. Sandra H e nderson says:

    I need to get my son Zak Henderson needs to get confirmed. He has been at Bishop Kelley and has had theology 1-8, goes to church every thurs… His school said I need to actually go thru confirmation at my home parish, we have been members for years like 12 yrs. Both my boys went to to school their and went on to Monte Cassini , the BK.
    They said since he’s had so much theology and staying Catholic religion. They use to do it at his school but they don’t anymore .
    This is Zakaryas Henderson is in twelve grade- just started. He did get his first communion there, and baptized either there or st. Catherine. Help me get Zak enrolled in confirmation,,,, please call me 918-446-1181

    1. Matthew Lauderdale says:

      Hi there Sandra,

      Feel free to call the parish office at 918-582-6247 to see if there’s anything we can do for you!

      Matthew Lauderdale
      Director of Communications
      Holy Family Cathedral

  2. Stephany kirk says:

    What do I need to do to enroll my girls ages 7 and 11 in religious education.
    This year 2017. We are members of the church.
    Thank you
    Stephany Kirk

    1. Matthew Lauderdale says:

      Hello Stephany,

      This Wednesday, August 30th, there will be a Family Faith Formation registration and sign up in Heiring Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. Additionally, you can find the registration forms here on the website at:

      We hope to see you on Wednesday!

      Matthew Lauderdale
      Director of Communications

  3. Patricia says:

    What time do the children’s classes start and end. Thank you

    1. Lisa Stice says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Our Family Faith Classes are on Wednesday Nights. We have something for the entire family.Classes start up September 7. Classes start at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8 p.m. All ages are invited to attend.

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