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Holy Family Cathedral » Photos, Tours, Architecture

Photos, Tours, Architecture


Contact the Parish Office, 918-582-6247, if you want to come inside the Cathedral to photograph it.

Holy Family offers a number of photos which you may download to use for classwork or as desktop wallpaper. If you need a specific photo, email and ask.



The Cathedral offers formal tours Tuesdays through Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Contact, to request a tour for your group. Please include the date, start time, and length of the tour. Please allow time to verify that the Cathedral is available on your chosen date. You may also request the specific focus of the tour:

  • Art and architecture,
  • Catholic prayer and liturgy,
  • local history, or
  • a summary of the recent renovations.

The Cathedral offers a couple of brochures containing some notes about the construction of the building, and many photos of the stained glass windows.



Holy Family Cathedral is a historic church completed in 1914. It borrows architectural elements from French, English, and American churches, and features stately columns, soaring vaults, and richly detailed stencils.

The Cathedral’s tall central spire is somewhat unusual in Gothic architecture. Most traditional Gothic churches have two large spires over the front doors. Holy Family’s central tower is considerable larger that the ones atop other classic churches.

The church is 251 feet tall. The exterior measures 200 feet along the nave and apse. The nave is 76 feet wide and the transept is 96 feet across.



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