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Matrimony (Weddings)

Thank you for your interest in celebrating your wedding at Holy Family Cathedral. The information on these pages will help you begin your planning.

All weddings are on Saturdays outside the season of Lent. Weddings take place at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. Rehearsals are on Friday evening.

Please make an appointment with Janet Gardner in the Parish Office, 918-582-6247. She will explain the process of securing a date for your wedding and signing a contract.

Music: If you have already met with Janet Gardner and chosen a date for your wedding, you should begin choosing music for your wedding. Listen to Ernest Neal, the Cathedral Organist and Music Director, playing several popular selections.

Vocalists: The Vocalists section gives contact information for the main vocalists heard at the Cathedral. It also provides information if you want the Cathedral Choir or the Motet Choir to sing at your wedding.

Guidelines: You may wish to read our booklet, Celebrating Christian Marriage, the guidelines for preparation in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tulsa.

Paperwork: Paperwork is available at the Parish Office when you schedule your wedding. If you plan on having a reception in either the Auditorium or the Halpine Room in the Cathedral’s basement, you can use the “Event Planners” to decide how you wish to arrange tables and chairs.

Event Planner: Auditorium: If your reception is in the Heiring Auditorium, use this planner to decide where you want your tables and chairs.
Event Planner: Halpine Room: If your reception is in the Halpine Room, use this planner to decide where you want your tables and chairs.

10 Responses to "Matrimony (Weddings)"

  1. AshleeT says:

    Hello, can my priest from my parish marry us at Holy Family? My parish is also in the Diocese of Tulsa.

    1. Matthew Lauderdale says:

      Hi there, Ashlee. Your priest can absolutely marry you at Holy Family! You’ll need to talk to Janet in our parish office about finding a date that will work, making sure you go through marriage preparation, etc. Give Janet a call at 918-582-6247 to get things started. If you have any other questions, please call the same number, or shoot us an email at We look forward to meeting you and we will do all we can to help you out!

      Matthew Lauderdale
      Director of Communications
      Holy Family Cathedral

  2. A H says:

    I am photographing a wedding in your cathedral in about a week and a half. Do you have a list of photography guidelines you’d be able to send me? I’m trying to plan the equipment I will need to bring based on what rules/guidelines you have for photographers.

    1. Lisa Stice says:

      In general the photographer is ask the following
      — only professional videographers, photographers may take photos of the
      –observe the basic line of sight rule, which states if guests can see you you are in the wrong place. We ask that you avoid the center aisle in front of the front pews, any part of the sanctuary. Feel free to take pictures from the transepts and the choir loft
      — all video cameras must remain stationary
      — no flash photography.

      –If you have any questions the day of the ceremony our wedding planner will be on hand to assist you.

      I hope this helps you play your equipment needs.

      Lisa – Director of Communications Holy Family Cathedral

  3. Brittney Justice says:

    My fiancĂ© and I have both been previously married. Neither one was in a church. Would we be able to get married in your church? I’m catholic and he is currently attending classes to be baptised into the Catholic faith.

    1. Lisa Stice says:


      I am so sorry your question got lost in the shuffle of summer schedules and vacations. To answer your question you may be able to be married in the Cathedral. I recommend meeting with one of our Priests or Deacons for pre marriage counseling, they will be able to assist you in all of this. You can call the Cathedral at 918-582-6247 and get an appointment with a Deacon or Priest who will be able to help you with your wedding prep.

  4. Lynn McNabb says:

    Is there a fee for non-parishioners to have a wedding at Holy Family? My husband and I were married there 38 years ago but no longer live in Tulsa and some family members are interested. Thank you.

    Lynn McNabb

    1. Lisa Stice says:


      Thank you for answering. We do happen to charge parishioners and non-parishioners for weddings at the Cathedral. For complete rates and information you can contact our Parish Secretary Janet at (918-582-6656). She will be able to answer all of your questions.


  5. sjwrink says:

    Hi, I was looking to get married. I just need to know who to get in contact with?

    1. Mike Malcom says:

      Congratulations, Sam! Call the Parish Office, 918-582-6247, and ask for Sheri.

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