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Wedding Vocalists

Vocalists and other Musicians for Weddings

If a vocalist is required for a wedding one of the three Cathedral Staff Singers must be used. This policy exists to ensure the highest quality of music possible for your wedding. *Please contact one of the three singers listed below as soon as possible to ensure availability and to plan the sung portions of the ceremony.

Mary Jo Dixon
Tami Losoncy
Karen Gingrich

Ernest Neal
Scott Zenthoeffer

Please contact Ernest Neal at the Parish Office, 582-6247, to request vocalists.

*Should you desire to use a singer that is not on the cathedral staff the following guidelines must be strictly followed:

1. A Right of First Refusal Fee of $50.00 must be paid before any other singer will be approved.

2. The proposed singer must submit a current and complete recording of him or her singing the selections to be used in the wedding. This recording must reach the Cathedral Organist and Music Director (Ernest Neal) no later that two weeks prior to the wedding. Mr. Neal will review the recording and decide if the singer is qualified to sing at your wedding. If for some reason the singer is not approved a Cathedral Staff Singer will be assigned.

If additional instrumentalists such as strings or brass are desired please notify the Cathedral Organist and he will assist in the hiring of approved musicians.

Holy Family Cathedral has two choral ensembles available to sing at weddings. They are the Cathedral Choir (30 persons) and the Halpine Motet Choir (6-8 persons). If you wish to have the Cathedral Choir sing at your wedding a donation of $1000.00 to the music fund is requested. The Halpine Motet Choir can be booked to sing for your wedding for a total of $600.00 ($75.00 per singer).

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to Ernest Neal, Cathedral Organist and Music Director. (918) 582-6247

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