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Benedictines, Carmelites & Franciscans: Cathedral Parishioners living in the secular world as members of Religious Orders

Over three thousand religious orders exist within the Catholic Church. Tulsans are familiar with the Christian Brothers who teach at Bishop Kelley, the Augustinians who run Cascia Hall, the Benedictines at Saint Joseph Monastery, Clear Creek Monastery and Saint Gregory‚Äôs Monastery. The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother administrate Saint John Medical Center. The Sisters of Mercy work at Saint Francis Hospital. Local Catholic schools are staffed with Franciscans, Dominicans, and the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Throughout history, God has called men and women to serve Him by forsaking married life and choosing to live in community as part of a religious order. We call them monks, friars, sisters or nuns. The Lord calls other men and women to live in the secular world and participate in … Read entire article »

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