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Holy Family Cathedral » High School Faith Formation

High School Faith Formation

Holy Family Cathedral


High School Youth Sunday Formation

September 17 Registration & Kick off event
October 1 Formation
November 5 Formation
December 3 Formation
January 7 Formation
February 4 Formation
March 4 Formation
April 15 Formation
May 6 Formation


4:30 Prepare for Mass / Confessions 5:00-6:00 Mass 6:00- 6:30 Adoration

6:30 – 7:15 dinner, clean-up, social 7:15-8:30 Formation


High School Faith Formation, including Confirmation, will be held the first Sunday of the month, with a few exceptions due to holidays or feast days.  Parents and teens are asked to be involved in the 5 pm Mass as readers, ushers, and servers. Our evening will include Confessions, Mass, Adoration, dinner, social activity and formation with our clergy.  There will be other youth outings throughout the year such as attendance at DCYC, ice-skating at Winterfest and more!


Three main classes will be taught each month:  parents, confirmation, 9-12 (non-confirmation). Classes are taught by clergy and occasionally guest speakers. A variety of materials will be used including, handouts and books.


Fees: $3 per person for dinner. Family Registration of $25. Books: TBD. Occasional activity fees per person for outside events.


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